Thoughts from Dr. Dacelin St. Martin on the Importance of Selflessness

Dr. St. Martin - Pedim Healthcare and thoughts on COVID-19

I have not posted my thoughts or opinions on the coronavirus for a while. Please be aware I am not part of any political group. This is solely the opinion of a boring doctor. Let me say that I love you all. Here we go!

First and foremost, taking the proper precautions to limit the lifespan of this pandemic doesn’t have to be political. These precautions are vital if we want to continue to keep our local businesses open to support our community.

On June 26th, the governor had to close bars due to poor compliance of some of our folks. I believe this governor is a very good supporter of individual liberty, but we cannot live in a selfish bubble where life is all about one’s self.

We are surrounded by other human beings and it’s imperative that we take a selfless approach to the health of our entire community. Our actions, whether positive or negative, will come back to affect all of us.

By refusing to take basic precautions, we are indirectly contributing to a premature loss of life that can be easily avoided. I personally value life and anyone it includes: whether they are unborn or alive, old, young, white, black, brown – even pets and animals.

Citrus county is the second oldest county in the country in terms of average age. These folks are at a high risk of dying of this disease, not to mention many younger folks who have undiagnosed immune problems.

If we don’t care for the vulnerable folks in our community, who will? Please don’t lose our humanity over politics!! We can work together to overcome this pandemic by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and being vigilant about washing our hands.

This is not a political issue – it’s a human issue.

Dr. Dacelin St. Martin is a triple board certified physician in adult internal medicine, pediatrics, and sleep medicine. He is the founder and medical director of PedIM Healthcare in Lecanto.

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