5 Father’s Day Ideas to Make Dad Feel Special

Father's Day Post Pedim

Father’s Day can be defined in any number of ways, depending on your family dynamic. We have dads, dads-of-dads, moms-who-are-dads, and, well, you get the picture.

Now, throw in some social distancing, and it can make for some interesting celebrating this Father’s Day.

We’ve decided to compile a list of things you can do for dear dad to make him feel special on his day. Take a look below for ideas that won’t break the bank, optimize family time, and are great for forming memories.

Father's Day Pedim Healthcare

Personalized Gift Basket

You know what dad likes. Maybe he works long hours and wants to remain horizontal on his day off. Try putting together his favorite snacks so he can stretch out in his recliner for some Netflixing. You can share the best part of the experience, but remember – dad chooses the show.

Let Him Sleep In

This is a given for all the dads out there who are busy day in and day out dadding. The charm about this is what you’re doing while he’s sleeping. Corral the kids and make dad his favorite breakfast, complete with a fancy coffee drink. Have the kids tidy their rooms and pick up those pesky Lego pieces sharp enough to take off a toe.

Make Dad the Star of the Show

If dad likes to grill out, set things up for him to do what he loves with minimal effort. Marinade the kabobs and prepare the sides ahead of time. All dad has to do is put the meat on the grill and cook it to perfection. The best part is that he takes credit for such a wonderful meal without the prep work. Then help clean up so that dad can relax pool-side or in front of the game.

Make Dad a Card

This point pretty much speaks for itself. The significant part is that you can use whatever medium you have on-hand, even binder paper with lines. The charm behind this idea is the IOU card that you put inside your creation. Maybe it’s a fishing day or a foot rub, or one steak dinner to be redeemed in the future. You can be creative and generous as you feel fit. Not all celebrating has to happen right on Father’s Day.

Family Game Day/Night

Do you have a family game that you play? If not, then maybe it’s time to dust off one of those board games on your top shelf, like Monopoly. It doesn’t matter what you decide to play as long as you do it together. Make a point of laughing at dad’s corny jokes and take lots of pictures of the family festivities. If you’re extra nice, let dad win so the day can end on a high note.

From our Pedim family to yours, have a wonderful Father’s Day. Remember that dad must stay up to date on his health. Encourage him to call the office to make an appointment for a wellness exam. We also offer telemedicine visits to current patients. Click here to schedule a Telemedicine appointment.

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